Taking into account sustainability and environmental respect is one of the main issues LSI Stone addresses. Our activity and processes are under the quality parameters of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our contribution as a proponents of the environment

LSI Stone has been innovating alongside with the world, therefore is concerned with the preservation of the environment and its well-being. A number of measures have been adopted to reduce waste and the environmental impact resulting from professional activity.

Clean Energy

More than 50% of our energy comes from solar panels.


The factory located near the National Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros allows an astonishing panoramic view of its beauty through the year, as well as a sense of protection of this natural treasure. Trough all of our activity the company seaks actions that contribute to the preservation of our natural environment.

Reuse of water

LSI Stone internal water treatment system allows a cyclonic reuse of all water in the factory. More than 97% is from taking advantage of the rainwater in the area. Our system storages this water that is afterwards reused in the production processes, these measures contribute to avoid the use potable water.


The outmost respect for the environment, from the conscientious stone extraction to the safe delivery of every stone piece, nothing goes to waste.

Reuse of materials

We have no waste at LSI Stone. Our recycling system is organized to allow the complete reuse of stone, letting what once was considered waste for our company to be reborn as a raw material to other industries.